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The Tee-Ball league is aimed at the introduction and development of baseball fundamentals (e.g., proper throwing and catching, positions, basic strategies) in a non-competitive environment. Tee-Ball uses a "soft" baseball with players hitting off "Tees". Tee-ball players are typically ages 5-6 and generally grades K & pre-K. A player must be 5 years old as of April 30 to be eligible. The league may place all pre-K players together depending upon enrollment.
Each team will have one practice a week and a game on Friday night.
The Juniors baseball level is intended to continue the player's development through the use of  pitching machines.  Pitching machines enable faster gameplay and give players the opportunity to develop better hitting techniques. Soft baseballs are used and protective gear is required. The game format is 4 inning games, balls/strikes/outs with umpire, but no scorekeeping. Juniors players are generally 7-8 yrs. old and in 1st and 2nd grade, Each team will have one practice a week and games are typically scheduled for Tuesday night and Saturday.
The Minors baseball level, (ages 9-10) or all 3rd and 4th graders.This level offers further player development under structured, game conditions. Players pitch hard balls, batters/runners are called safe or out, and scores for six-inning games are kept. Though standings are kept, the primary focus throughout the Minor's regular season is on players' understanding of the game and development toward their own potential.Each team will have one practice a week and games are typically scheduled for Thursday night and Saturday.
The Majors baseball level, (ages 11-12) or all 5th and 6th graders.This level offers a competitive league for those players selected. Players learn and develop the more advanced techniques and strategies of the game.At this competitive level a players playing time is up to coach discretion.
Each team will have one practice a week and games are typically scheduled for Wednesday night and Saturday.
The Seniors baseball program offers the baseball players an introduction to the big field and a more advanced game. In baseball there are typically 1 or 2 13 yr. old teams as well as 14/15 year old teams depending upon enrollment. All players experience inter-town play at varying levels of competitiveness.This level is not affiliated with Little League.