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Hi CMLL families, I apologize for the multiple emails. ...
This Week in CMLL and a DATE CHANGE!
Hi CMLL families, Important upcoming dates for Softball and...

by posted 03/23/2017
More CMLL news...

Hi CMLL families,

I apologize for the multiple emails.  In my haste, I forgot some important information.

April 8 – Equipment Handout.  For all coaches, this is the day you want to circle on your calendar.  Equipment handout will take place at Ralston Firehouse, from 8:30 – 11:00 AM.  This is for all levels of baseball AND softball (including Farm and T-Ball).  To receive your equipment bag, you need to bring a $50 check made out to Chester Mendham Little League.  This check is NOT cashed unless you fail to return your equipment at the end of the season.  If you return the equipment, the check gets shredded.


Thanks for your patience and understanding.


by posted 03/20/2017
This Week in CMLL and a DATE CHANGE!

Hi CMLL families,

Important upcoming dates for Softball and Baseball:

March 17:  Registration Closed

March 25-26:  This is the last weekend for Winter training.

Safety Meetings: 3/22 (THIS IS A DATE CHANGE – SORRY FOR THE SHORT NOTICE!!) and 4/4, 7:30 PM at the Mendham Boro firehouse.  ALL VOLUNTEERS (COACHES, ASSISTANT COACHES, UMPIRES, AND TEAM PARENTS) NEED TO ATTEND A SAFETY MEETING.  Sorry, but this is a Little League requirement.  If you do not get the background check done, you cannot be a volunteer in the league.

Coaches Meetings:  4/5 for softball, 4/6 for baseball, places to be determined.  Preliminary teams have been formed, and will be announced soon.  If you volunteered to coach on the registration form, chances are we didn’t turn you down.  You will be notified prior to the Coaches Meetings if you were selected to coach.  Please attend one of the Safety meetings announced above.

April 22: Opening Day!  Rain date is April 23rd.  More details to come about our Opening Day ceremonies.

May 21:  Challenger Day.  More info to come on this great charity day in Mendham.

July 27:  CMLL Annual Yankee Bus Trip.  Come join us to watch the Yankees take on the Tampa Bay Rays.  $60 gets you a ticket to the game, bus trip to and from Yankee Stadium, and beverages and snacks on the bus.  Go HERE to register and pay.

by posted 03/20/2017
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LV-Rock Spring 1 - Long Valley OPEN (3/24) 
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LV-Rock Spring 3 - Long Valley OPEN (3/24) 
Mendham Borough Big - Mendham OPEN (3/24) 
Mendham Borough Lower - Mendham OPEN (3/24) 
Mendham Borough Upper - Mendham OPEN (3/24) 
Mendham Brookside Lower - Brookside OPEN (3/24) 
Mendham Robinson's - Mendham OPEN (3/24) 
Mosle Field - Far Hills OPEN (3/24) 
Muni Gazebo - Chester OPEN (3/24) 
Muni Gazebo left field - Chester TBD (3/24) 
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Ralston - Mendham OPEN (3/24) 
Wysong - Mendham OPEN (3/24) 
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