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This Week in CMLL

Dear CMLL families,

Please see the important upcoming dates for Softball and Baseball:

May 20 – Wood Bat Day – All games played this Saturday will be played with wooden bats.

May 21 – Challenger Day. – Volunteers are needed for this incredible day of baseball for those children with special needs.  Please come volunteer some time between 2-6 PM on Sunday at Mendham Boro fields.  We need boys and girls to be buddy’s to the ballplayers.  T-shirts, food, and ice cream will be provided by CMLL.

All – Stars / Summer Baseball – Registration for those interested in Summer Baseball is open!!  The cost is $225 and the season runs from June 8 – Mid July.  Green teams play on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, and Gold league teams play Tuesday, Thursdays, and three Saturdays in July.  We are hopeful of getting enough players to put teams in the New Providence Green and Gold leagues at all age groups.  If interested, go to our home page and click the Summer 2017 Registration button.

Mendham Summer Baseball Camp – This year's summer camp will run from July 5th thru July 7th, featuring a new format! This camp will create an environment where players can learn fundamentals and develop their individual skills. The camp is open to all players ages 6-15. Please go to our home page and click the Summer Mendham BB Camp button. 

July 27 - CMLL Annual Yankee Bus Trip.  Come join us to watch the Yankees take on the Tampa Bay Rays.  $60 gets you a ticket to the game, bus trip to and from Yankee Stadium, and beverages and snacks on the bus.  Go to our homepage and click on the 2017 Yankee Trip button to register and pay.

Please don’t forget to sign up to work the snack shack at the Muni Gazebo field.  Contact Shannon Rossi at with any questions.



by posted 05/16/2017
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Black River LL - Chester TBD (5/25) 
Bragg - Chester TBD (5/25) 
Chubb 60 90 - Chester TBD (5/25) 
Chubb 60 90 L outfield - Chester TBD (5/25) 
Chubb 60 90 R outfield - Chester TBD (5/25) 
Chubb Firemans - Chester TBD (5/25) 
Chubb Lower - Chester TBD (5/25) 
Chubb Softball 1 trng - Chester TBD (5/25) 
Chubb Softball 2 trng - Chester TBD (5/25) 
Chubb Softball1 - Chester TBD (5/25) 
Chubb Softball2 - Chester TBD (5/25) 
Chubb T-Ball1 - Chester TBD (5/25) 
Chubb T-Ball2 - Chester TBD (5/25) 
Chubb T-Ball3 - Chester TBD (5/25) 
Chubb T-Ball4 - Chester TBD (5/25) 
Chubb Upper - Chester TBD (5/25) 
Da Barn - Chester TBD (5/25) 
Highlands 60 90 - Chester TBD (5/25) 
Highlands Softball - Chester TBD (5/25) 
Hilltop Back - Mendham TBD (5/25) 
Jersey City - Jersey CIty TBD (5/25) 
Landing Fields - Landing TBD (5/25) 
LV- Palmer 6 - Long Valley TBD (5/25) 
LV- Palmer 7 - Long Valley TBD (5/25) 
LV- Palmer 8 - Long Valley TBD (5/25) 
LV-Rock Spring 1 - Long Valley TBD (5/25) 
LV-Rock Spring 2 - Long Valley TBD (5/25) 
LV-Rock Spring 3 - Long Valley TBD (5/25) 
Mendham Borough Big - Mendham TBD (5/25) 
Mendham Borough Lower - Mendham TBD (5/25) 
Mendham Borough Upper - Mendham TBD (5/25) 
Mendham Brookside Lower - Brookside TBD (5/25) 
Mendham Robinson's - Mendham TBD (5/25) 
Mosle Field - Far Hills TBD (5/25) 
Muni Gazebo - Chester TBD (5/25) 
Muni Gazebo left field - Chester TBD (5/25) 
Muni Gazebo right field - Chester TBD (5/25) 
Muni LL - Chester TBD (5/25) 
Ralston - Mendham TBD (5/25) 
Wysong - Mendham TBD (5/25) 
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